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We build fireplaces and fireplace hearth but open (brick hearth) rutice fireplaces, modern fireplaces, fireplaces classic fireplaces corner fireplaces front right, fireplaces centrally located, so the models displayed on our site, and after dumneavastra own project (design, image)..


Choosing the chimney is very important for proper functioning of the fireplace, but also for the safety of your home.



We use outbreaks outbreaks iron and steel quality, good efficiency on various sizes for all kinds of fireplaces (semineepe wood fireplaces corner fireplaces right front, central fireplaces,). The materials of construction of the fireplace are resistant to temperature (mortar, adhesive, silicon, iron filings, ducting, grilles, chamotte etc.), and the ultimate finish materials (marble, granite, stone, travertine, paint etc).


Frequently asked questions

Do you provide warranty?
Is the glass temperature resistant?
Do you build open fireplaces with brick hearts?
Do you build fireplaces outside of Romania?

Why us?


We have over 10 years experience in the construction of fireplaces and chimneys!

Quality materials!

We use the highest quality materials!

Technical support!

We offer technical support in choosing the model, depending on where the fireplace is located.